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"Le parcours de Tara est un exemple parfait de courage et détermination. Son histoire nous montre l'importance de donner un sens à nos actions. Elle a fait preuve d'une grande adaptabilité et remise en question pour faire face aux enjeux difficiles CCT. Un très beau projet d'entrepreneuriat social au Cambodge. "


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How could it be wrong to save the children by starting an orphanage? Oh, in so many ways . . . Tara Winkler first arrived in Cambodia to join a tour group in 2005 and was taken to visit a small orphanage in Battambang. The children were living in extreme poverty, and Tara was determined to raise money to help them. Two years later, after fundraising in Australia, Tara returned to Battambang only to discover that the same children were in deep trouble. Her spontaneous response was to find them a new, safe, home. With a team of committed locals and support from friends, she established the Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT). With an instant family of 14 children and three dogs, Tara had to learn a lot, very fast. And, along the way, she realized that many of the actions she took with good intentions were not at all what the children needed—or indeed, what any child needs. CCT now helps vulnerable children to escape poverty and be cared for within their families. In this compelling, poignant, and funny memoir, Tara shares the many joys and the terrible lows of her journey thus far with honesty and passion.

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